Corebird 0.9 released

15 Nov 2014

Disclaimer: this post is way longer than my usual stuff.

Today, I released Corebird 0.9, after a development time of over 4 months. That's a pretty long time in contrast to my usual 4 to 8 weeks. But nothing is normal today, which you can see by me writing a blog post about it (or a blog post at all). I'll first quickly cover the changes in 0.9 and then talk about the future of the project, so if you've been keeping up with development anyway, you can skip to the bottom of the post.

Changes in Corebird 0.9

Most of you probably haven't, but if you attended my talk about Corebird at GUADEC 2014, you know that I pondered about releasing a 1.0 instead of a 0.9 version, but I think some things are missing and/or incomplete and a "real" 1.0 release is not justified (more on this later).

I like lists, so here's just a list of smaller improvements and/or changes in no particular order and terribly incomplete:

There's a lot missing here (I guess?), and none of the real bugs fixed are listed.

Future (help wanted)

If you've followed the development even from far distance, you've probably noticed that most of the commits are just from me (see the graphs). Although there are quite some contributors (10 in total if Github doesn't lie to me), almost all of them are one-time contributors with very small patches. This basically results in me doing all the stuff alone, without any kind of feedback or opinion before merging it into master.

This isn't just a problem because I've had less and less time for it in the last few months, but also (and even more) because there's no way for me to verify ideas/implementations/designs/etc. before implementing them. I usually implement bigger features in a branch first, then if I think I'm done, I post into the corresonding bug report that people might try that branch. Rarely get I any feedback at all that way. After 2 weeks I just merge that branch into master, which is when I maybe get some feedback.

In other ways, it's problematic because of the sheer lack of manpower. Corebird is IMHO currently lacking in documentation and design. The website is pretty horrible (especially regarding the (lack of) information on it). There's virtually no documentation for users at all. How do Filters work, that's a List even, how can you add a new account, etc.

To sum it up, I'm actively looking for help in the development and documentation process, for community work, etc.

Current plans

Regardless, I have some things on my radar regarding the near future:

As always, if you have comments (or other ideas, want to help me in some way, etc.), send me an e-mail.

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